lots of pictures, coming up

Since I got to go to Nürnberg and Rothenburg ob der Tauber last week, I have a lot of new pictures.  But I’m getting ready to visit home for a few days, which means packing, getting work done so I don’t have to take any work home, and making sure any loose ends here are tied up.

And my time at home is going to be time to catch up with my family and my friends at home, as well as some doctor’s appointments and other things I need to squeeze in.  I enjoy blogging, but I need me some family time this Christmas!

So, with the magic of the handy-dandy blog post scheduler, I’ll have one of my recent pictures posted every day with a short description.  This will continue until I run out of pictures from the trips last week that turned out well enough to post, which will probably last through Christmas and New Year’s.

First picture coming tomorrow. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “lots of pictures, coming up

  1. Looking forward to your pictures. So thankful you get to go home over Christmas! Hava great time!

    My away daughter gets to come home the week after. So I’m reposting some top blogs after Christmas. Taking a writing break too while all three daughters and two granddaughters are in town = )
    God bless you dear friend!

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