signage: to the christkindlesmarkt

There were a lot of Christmas lights at the Christkindlesmarkt.  Including a sign made of lights to indicate to visitors that no, they weren’t lost; they had indeed found the correct route to the Christkindlesmarkt.  sign pointing the way to the christkindlesmarkt

(not the best picture, but the lights hanging between the buildings say “Zum Christkindlesmarkt,” which means “To the Christkindlesmarkt”)


2 thoughts on “signage: to the christkindlesmarkt

    • It is! I liked Nürnberg’s Christmas decor. The Christkindlesmarkt gets pretty crazy busy, but I’d say it is worth visiting in the future. For the decor and for the markt itself. This one, despite being the most well-known and probably the largest Weihnachtsmarkt in Germany, was not as commercial or touristy as, say, Frankfurt’s. Overall, it was a good, beautiful trip. The train ride was interesting, but the time in Nürnberg was worth it, IMO. 🙂

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