advantages of living in the land of nutella

I just got back from going grocery shopping at one of the largest grocery stores I have been to in Germany.  Compared to my usual grocery haunts here, it had a much larger selection of just about every food category I could want, plus more.  There are benefits to going grocery shopping on the outskirts of town instead of in the crowded city center!

One of the things I bought today was proof of why living in the land of excellent chocolate and plentiful Nutella can be a Very Good Thing:

cereal on the outside, nutella on the inside!  and look at the cute little mascot guy!  he has a chocolate cape!  awwww...

That is a box of cereal.  Isn’t the little mascot guy cute?  He has a little chocolate cape!  But the best part about this cereal?  It has chocolate nougat (which is basically Nutella) inside! Delicious.  I think Kellogg’s should sell this in the USA.


3 thoughts on “advantages of living in the land of nutella

    • Yeah, and it sends my blood sugars to the roof. I think that’s just what Nutella does. This may be the only time I buy it, but it was fun to try!

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