surprise snow

It has finally been above freezing here in Darmstadt for a few days, but we had a bit of a surprise today.  It started out as small hail, some of it barely pea-sized.  And then it changed to this:

tree outside my window, with snow

BIG snowflakes.

giant snowflakes falling just outside my window

And the temperature has been above freezing the entire time and is only now starting to drop. And now the snow has stopped… We’re just having a wintery-mix kind of day today.


granddad <3

I know I’m a bit behind on posting new things.  I’m studying for exams, which here in Germany happen in February and March for the winter semester.

But I’m posting for a different reason than usual today.  I don’t have a cultural-differences anecdote or pretty photo of Darmstadt for this.  Just a picture and a thank-you to someone I’m going to miss.

granddad <3

Granddad, I’m so sorry that you’ve passed on.  I, as well as the numerous other people still here on Earth who love you, will miss you very much.  You are an inspiration to me both as a person and as a mechanical engineer.  Thank you.  I hope you are enjoying Heaven, and I look forward to seeing you there someday!  I love you!