going on a trip

I have a busy next couple of weeks.  Tomorrow I leave for the RoboCup German Open, which is a robotics competition being held in Magdeburg, Germany.  And the day after I get back from that, my parents will arrive and we will travel together some more.  I’m looking forward to both trips!

Since I seemingly only ever post on a regular basis when I’m travelling, I though I’d schedule a blog post or two for the time I’m gone.  But for today, a picture of the streetcar tracks near my apartment.  Appropriate for the travel theme, no?

streetcar tracks near my apartment


exam stress, again (updated)

First of all, I’ve gotten many encouraging emails, Facebook messages, and blog comments about my exams.  Thank you guys so much!  ❤

Unfortunately, the exam last Thursday was much harder than I expected; several key questions were based on the more obscure topics in the book that, from the look of the homework problems, should not have been important topics upon which to test the students.  But there are plenty of German students in the class who were also unpleasantly surprised by the test’s difficulty level.  Please pray that the professor and graders have wisdom in assigning grades (and hopefully curving the exam)!

But now, if you are a praying person, I need more prayer.  I’m studying for an exam scheduled for Wednesday, which will be my last exam of the semester.  This exam I have to take in German, and I have to know the vocabulary well enough to write out answers in German.

I have emailed the professor a request for an oral exam, which means I would go to his office, he would ask me test questions, and I would answer them verbally (and would be able to ask him for question clarification and vocabulary hints).  So far, he has not responded to my email.  Please pray that he responds quickly with an appointment for an oral exam, and please pray for my ability to learn all of this stuff–class content and vocabulary–by whenever my exam time ends up being!  I’m so nervous right now.  I want exams to be over.

UPDATE:  The professor for the class of my last exam has offered me an oral exam appointment!  God is good!  And to those of you who were praying for me and/or who left encouraging comments, thank you! ❤


Well, I’ve been studying for this exam for two weeks.  I’ve learned a lot and will hopefully be able to get not just a passing grade, but a good grade.

I saw this graffiti in Darmstadt not long ago and figured now was a good time to share it.  I’m not entirely sure where the quote originated, but here it is:

nothing is impossible; the word itself says "i'm possible!"

“Nothing is impossible; the word itself says ‘I’m possible!'”

Thank you to all of you guys who have been praying for me.  I will do my best today, and God will do with my efforts what He knows is best!


study break scenery

I’m less than half a week away from the hardest exam of the semester, but since it’s kind of hard to study 24/7, I have kept up my newfound hobby of running.  It’s a nice study break.

Since it happened to be sunny the other day, I took my camera on my run so I could show you all this beautiful street that’s about 5 minutes from my apartment.

beautiful trees i pass when i go out for a run

There’s just something really fun about running beneath a canopy of trees.

another shot of the awesome trees


Enough relaxing. Back to studying. I can’t wait for this exam to be OVER.

burnout, meet panic

Well, it’s the middle of exam season here at TU Darmstadt.  I finished my first final exam on Friday (for Systemtheorie und Regelungstechnik, aka Control Systems) and my second yesterday (for Aerodynamik, which is–you guessed it–Aerodynamics).  After studying like a madwoman for those exams, I feel pretty burnt out.

I have two exams left for this semester.  My next exam isn’t until March 15th, but I will be studying almost solid starting right after I publish this post.  Why?  That class is the only one I have had here in Germany that has a midterm exam, and the results just got posted.  I did not do nearly as well as I was hoping, and I’ll need to study like crazy if I want to get a decent grade.  I thought I was prepared for the midterm, but at least I’m finding out now how much I need to get done before the final exam.  I’ve heard rumors that the professor for this class intentionally makes the midterm exam harder than the final exam so that the students will be encouraged to study, and then the grades from the midterm exam are withheld until shortly before the final exam so that if, by chance, someone managed to get a decent grade on the first exam, they would still study.

All I can do is study.  And pray.  If you are a praying person, I would appreciate some prayer about this.  Prayer that I can focus while studying and while taking the exam, that I’ll be able to learn what I need to learn, and that I will be able to properly apply all that I learned while studying during the exam itself.

EDIT:  Prayer that I pass this and all of my classes this semester with good grades would also be appreciated!

Also, a health-related prayer request:  typically, when I’m writing something while I am stressed (such as while studying for or taking an exam), I tend to hunch over the paper I’m writing on and have a vice-like grip on my writing instrument.  As a result of hunching over practice tests and having a death grip on my pen for the past two weeks of studying for my first two exams, I now have back pain and hand/wrist pain.  Since I have two exams to go, I need the pain to go away (and stay away) ASAP.

…And I could stand to develop better posture, too.

Ok, it’s study time. Let’s do this.