what is this decorative item?

So I see this decorative… thing nearly every day, since it’s smack in the middle of my field of view while I’m waiting for the next streetcar near my apartment.  And now, even after seven months of living here, I still have no idea what it is.  not sure what this thing on top of this building is

My best guess is that it’s a ceramic sculpture of a seahorse dressed as a stormtrooper.  Anyone else have ideas?


4 thoughts on “what is this decorative item?

  1. That is definitely a sleepwalking gnome. Obviously he is moving very slowly so you still have time to wake him up before he goes over the edge! The bad news is that he is probably a very heavy sleeper so you’ll have to go up there.

    • I see it now! Good catch! He’s been headed towards that roof edge since I got here, so I think I still have time to find a ladder or enough duct tape to get up there. 🙂

  2. I’m pretty sure it’s a coffee fairy. If you leave your cup on the windowsill, he’ll have it ready for you in the morning. But it only works if you send money to the people who follow your blog.

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