thesis in progress

I’m still relieved that I passed the last two classes I need to graduate, but there’s one thing standing between me and the end of my Bachelor’s degree, and that’s my thesis.

I’ve turned in a first draft of my thesis and gotten corrections, and I’m down to the home stretch. But there’s some software development that I’m having major problems getting to the point of being functional. And I have to actually go through and fix the things in my thesis document my advisor said needed correcting, and then add whatever results come of the currently-non-functional software. And then I still want to make an assembly manual (my thesis project was to design a robot arm that someday might get built but can’t be built before I leave because all the machinists at the university are somehow on vacation all at the same time).

And I made the stupid mistake of signing up for my thesis on March 20th.  A Bachelor’s thesis at this university lasts a mere 150 days from the moment you sign up.  In those 150 days, you have to accomplish all of the research, testing, program writing, experimenting, whatever–and the writing.  Day #150 is the day on which you have to hand a printed and bound copy of your thesis in to the same office you signed up in.

And the end of my 150 days is next Monday. Unfortunately, basically all stores are closed on Sunday, including copy shops. Since the office I have to hand my thesis into is open on Monday morning, I need to have my thesis printed by the time the copy shops close on Saturday night, effectively cutting two days off of my precious 150.

So you could say I’m stressed. I’m almost done, and the stress will only last a few more days. (Then I have to get ready for my final presentation, which I’m going to have to do via videoconference from the USA because my advising professors are all on vacation until after I leave, but I’m not going to worry about that right now.) Prayer would be appreciated.

But I’m almost done. I think there might be light at the end of the tunnel!