list: nine fun things to do while waiting for lion to finish downloading

Lion.  King of the OSes.  Rawr.Those of you who know me well know I like Macs.  I’ve been pretty pumped about Mac OS X Lion for the last few weeks, and since it was finally released on the App Store today, it is currently downloading on my computer.

Yep, downloading.  No DVD’s this time.  The installer is around 4GB, and I only started the download around an hour ago. So, for the next six hours and three minutes–no, make that five hours, forty-two minutes–no, actually six hours and 38 minutes–whatever–I wait.  And make lists, such as

nine fun things to do while waiting for lion to finish downloading 

  1. Blog.
  2. Go to Wal-Mart and see how many of the 101 Fun Things to Do at Wal-Mart you can accomplish. (
  3. Organize the icons on your desktop and in your downloads folder. Marvel at all of the strange things you downloaded over the past few months/years. (Strangest downloaded file I have found so far: Fingerpinger (, a fun little app that tracks your fingers on your Mac’s trackpad and makes noise.)
  4. Walk around the neighborhood practicing your roar.  This is Lion, after all.
  5. Dig through old logs in the Console app (Applications>Utilities>  Did you know that software updates use a utility called “shove”?  Well now you do.
  6. Sync those fancy cloud apps one last time.  Gotta make sure that your Wunderlist and Dropbox and Evernote data is actually on those big servers in the sky.
  7. Public Service Announcement Bonus Item: BACK UP YOUR HARD DRIVE.  Like going to the dentist, it may not be as fun as organizing your desktop icons, but it is good for you.  Apple makes great operating systems, but things can still go wrong.
  8. Make cookies (the edible kind, not the internet kind), then go up to your roommates and do your best Cookie Monster impression.  OM NOM NOM.
  9. Make lists.

Comment to add your suggestions to this list!

DISCLAIMER: I did not do all of these, and I don’t condone doing offensive/bad things at Wal-Mart. Or anywhere else, really.  Do those at your own risk.  Or just go bake cookies instead.  Everyone likes cookies.