why lalaland?

(Note: additional explanation here.)

Since I’ve gotten some questions as to whether Germany is LaLa Land in my mind, no, it is not. Germany is cool and respectable. So why did I decide to call my blog “Tales from LaLa Land”? The short answer is that I’m going on a journey of self-discovery. LaLa Land is my future self.

The long answer actually explains where “lala” comes into play. Occasionally, when I leave a note for a roommate or my parents, I will write so much on the sticky note that I can’t fit my whole name. (I can be pretty verbose when it comes to sticky note messages.) Or maybe I am in such a rush to let them know that I am going to Wal-Mart and to call me if they need anything that I just sign “La” instead of Laura.

But besides the self-imposed nickname, I’m writing this blog for a reason. I will be living in Germany for a year, and I will make mistakes. I’ll use the wrong word in a sentence, call someone by the wrong title, or miss a streetcar that only comes twice an hour. I’ll do what I can to set things right when I realize what I did wrong, but the best way for me to avoid getting depressed about my mistakes is to not take myself too seriously in the first place. To keep going and not let myself get bogged down in the details of what I messed up. Just like I don’t let myself get bogged down by signing my entire name on the sticky note that I’m using to tell my roommate where I am.

That, and “LaLa Land” is a fun name for a blog. ‘Nuff said.


1 thought on “why lalaland?

  1. Laura,
    I was utterly shocked when I received your email today…this morning I was upstairs at school and on my way down when I opened the door to find your “mimi me” staring at me. I thought to myself, this girl looks just like Laura Strickland. I had seen her before but never actually ran into her. This must have been foreshadowing of your arrival in my thoughts by email.

    Your adventure sounds and looks amazing. I expecting nothing less from you , dear Laura. I am glad that you are enjoying this opportunity.

    I’m on facebook if you want the quick pictorial update to my life,.Jane Mulhern Roszel Cox. I’m still teaching as a reading specialist and still love it. I transferred to Aldrin Elementary School about three years ago. It is a totally different experience but I’m enjoying it. I miss the old days at Hutchison.

    I must sleep as it is getting late and my eyes will be closing on my little darlings tomorrow when they come to read. I will try to check back in with you soon. I’m so glad you wrote.
    All the best,

    Jane Cox

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